Approaches to Philosophy of Music: Continental, Analytic, Historical, Literary, and Multicultural

"The Philosophical Fugue: Understanding the Structure and Goal of Heidegger's Beiträge" (2003)

"'Even Better than the Real Thing'?: Postmodernity, the Triumph of the Simulacra, and U2" (2006)

Iain Thomson, Ph.D.

University of New Mexico

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Jean Baudrillard: Philosopher of the Mash-up - In Memoriam" (2007)

 "Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari Interview with Carlo Simula" (2005)

"Loops of Perception: Sampling, Memory, and the Semantic Web" (2003)

"Dead Simple: Marshall McLuhan and the Art of the Record" (2010)

Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid

 European Graduate School (Saas-Fee, Switzerland)

Professor of Music Mediated Art
 (faculty page)

“Philosophy of New Jazz: Reconstructing Adorno” (2007)

“Reflections on the Dionysian Spirit of Music in Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy  (2006--revised 2022)

“Spatial Aesthetics of Contemporary Music and Urban Culture” (2009--revised 2012)

Dustin Garlitz

M.A. Philosophy, M.L.A.
(CV (long), CV (short))

“Rock ‘n’ Recording: The Ontological Complexity of Rock Music” (1998)

John A. Fisher, Ph.D.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
(faculty page)

Selected DJ Spooky Web Videos/Articles

"Remixing on the Shoulders of Giants: To DJ Spooky, Everything's Connected" 
CNN 2012.01.28

Syfy Channel Feature
March 2012

DJ Spooky, Matthew Shipp,
William Parker, Guillermo Brown
Film of 2003 Performance

"Play — The First Name: 1 July 1997"
Translated by Timothy S. Murphy, Ph.D. (2004)

"The Other's Language: Jacques Derrida Interviews Ornette Coleman,
23 June 1997"

Translated by Timothy S. Murphy, Ph.D. (2004)

Jacques Derrida, Ph.D.


Hans-Herbert Kögler, Dr. Phil.

University of North Florida
Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Music, Fire, and Evolution" (2010)

"On Defining Music" (forthcoming 2012)

Philosophy of Music Books (1994-2012)

"Performance Interpretations of Musical Works" (2006)

Musical Understandings and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Music (2011)

Themes in the Philosophy of Music (2005)

Stephen Davies, Ph.D.

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Seeing Jazz: Introduction" (1997)

Robert O'Meally, Ph.D.

Columbia University in the City of New York

Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature
(faculty page)

"Musical Formalism and Political Performances" (2009)

Jonathan A. Neufeld, Ph.D.

College of Charleston (South Carolina)

Associate Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

“Progressive Listening, or Listening as Improvisation: The Case of The Shaggs" (2008)

 “Thresholds: Jazz, Improvisation, Heterogeneity, and Politics in Postmodernity” (2008)

“Becoming-Still: Perspectives on Musical Ontology after Deleuze and Guattari” (2003)

“Pushing the Popular, or, Toward a Compositional Popular Aesthetics” (2006)

"Gesture, Pulsion, Grain: Barthes’ Musical Semiology" (2008)

Michael David Székely, Ph.D.

Temple University (Philadelphia, PA)

"Dominant Positions: John Coltrane, Michel Foucault, and the Politics of Representation" (2006)

Tracey Nicholls, Ph.D.

Massey University of New Zealand

Associate Professor in Politics

"'The Greatest Jazz Concert Ever': Critical Discourse, European Aesthetics,
and the Legitimization of Jazz" (2009)

Mark Laver, Ph.D.

Grinnell College

Assistant Professor of Music

"Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference,"
with Steven Best, Ph.D. (1998)

Douglas Kellner, Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles

George F. Kneller Philosophy of Education Chair
Division of Social Sciences & Comparative Education
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
(faculty page)

"Music Without Metaphysics?" (2011)

Christopher Bartel, Ph.D.

Appalachian State University (North Carolina)

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)


"Musical Twofoldness"
(forthcoming 2012)

Bence Nanay, Ph.D.

University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Professor of Philosophy and BOF Research Professor
Co-Director, Centre for Philosophical Psychology

(faculty page)

Peterhouse, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Senior Research Associate 


"Interpreting Music: Beyond Platonism" (2008)

Otávio Bueno, Ph.D.

University of Miami

Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy

(faculty page)

"Moving Truth: Affect and Authenticity in Country Musicals" (1999)

"Rap's Humanism" (1993)

"Family Values or Homeboy Values?: The Question of Arrested Development" (1993)

"Ghetto Music" (1992)

Richard Shusterman, D. Phil.

Florida Atlantic University

Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Humanities 
Professor of Philosophy and English
Director, Center for Body, Mind, and Culture

(faculty page)

Musical Musical Nuance” (2010)

Tiger C. Roholt, Ph.D.

Montclair State University (New Jersey)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(personal page)

"The Aesthetics of Popular Music" (2008)

"Does Everyone Have a Musical Identity?: Reflections on Musical Identities" (2003)

Theodore Gracyk, Ph.D.

Minnesota State University Moorhead

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Musical Thinking" (2003)

"Jazz Vocal Interpretation: A Philosophical Analysis"
(forthcoming 2012)

Jerrold Levinson, Ph.D.

University of Maryland, College Park

Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
(faculty page


“Jazz Before Jazz: What Did It Mean? – A Portrait of 'Jazz' as Sliding Signifier in the 1920s” (2009)

Jazz and Modernism: Reflections on a Zeitfrage (2009)

 Jazzbandism (2006)

“Jazz as Decal for the European Avant-Garde” (2004)

Jed Rasula, Ph.D.

University of Georgia

Helen S. Lanier Distinguished Professor of English
(faculty page)

“The Ear of the Behearer – A Conversation in Jazz,”
with Jed Rasula, Ph.D. (2007)

“The Literary Ellington” (2004)

Brent Hayes Edwards, Ph.D.

Columbia University in the City of New York

Professor of English and Comparative Literature
(faculty page)

"Microphone Commandos: Rap Music and Political Philosophy" (2005)

"The Expressiveness of African-American Music" (1994)

Bill Lawson, Ph.D.

University of Memphis

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
(faculty page)

“Minimally Creative Thought” (2011)

“The Role of Imagination in Creativity” (forthcoming)

“A Metaphysics of Creativity” (2008)

Dustin Stokes, Ph.D.

University of Utah

Associate Professor of Philosophy
(personal page)

“Natural and Empty Desires: An Epicurean View of Musical Experience” (2005)

Daniel Putman, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Expression as Success: The Psychological Reality of Musical Performance" (2008)

Rob van Gerwen, Ph.D.

Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Projectivism, Empathy, and Musical Tension" (1999)

"Thoughtwriting--in Poetry and Music" (2011)

"Two Kinds of Physicality in Electronic and Traditional Music" (2012)

Kendall L. Walton, Ph.D.

University of Michigan

Charles L. Stevenson Collegiate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
(faculty page)

"Why Hardcore Goes Soft: Adorno, Japanese Noise, and the Extirpation of Dissonance" (2002)

"The Splinter in Your Ear: Noise as the Semblance of Critique" (2005)

Nicholas Smith, Ph.D., J.D.

University of New Hampshire

Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"This Search Goes On: Christian, Warrior, Buddhist" (from Metallica and Philosophy, Wiley-Blackwell, 2007)

"Beyond Good and Evil: Facing Your Demons With Black Sabbath and Existentialism"(from Black Sabbath and Philosophy, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)

William Irwin, Ph.D.

King's College (Pennsylvania)

Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguised Service Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Making Opera Work: Bricolage and the Management of Dramaturgy" (2010)

Paul Atkinson, Ph.D.

Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology
School of Social Sciences
(faculty page)

"Somaesthetics of Music" (2010)

Fred Maus, Ph.D.

University of Virginia

Associate Professor of Music Theory
McIntire Department of Music
(faculty page)

"Phenomenological and Analytic Aesthetics of Music: On the Views of Susanne Langer and Roman Ingarden" (2006)

"Expressiveness as a Quality and as the Expression of a Fictive Subject"  (2011)

Krzysztof Guczalski, Ph.D.

Jagiellonian University Krakow (Poland)

Institute of Philosophy
Department of Aesthetics
(faculty page)

"Making and Hearing Meaning in Performance"  (2006)

Eric F. Clarke, Ph.D., FBA

University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Heather Professor of Music
Faculty of Music
(faculty page)


"Form and Freedom: The Kantian Ethos of Musical Formalism" (2011)

Hanne Appelqvist, Ph.D.

University of Helsinki (Finland)

Docent of Theoretical Philosophy

 Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies
(faculty page)

"Time Out of Time: Derrida, Cixous, Improvisation" (2008)

"Deconstructin(g) Jazz Improvisation: Derrida and the Law of the
Singular Event"

Sara Ramshaw, Ph.D., LL.M.

Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom)

School of Law
(faculty page)

"Vinyl is Dead, Long Live Vinyl: The Work of Recording and Mourning in the Age of Digital Reproduction" (2007)

"Platonic Relations: The Problem of the Loop in Electronic Music" (2002)

"The Sound of Time is not tick tock: The Loop as a Direct Image of Time in Noto's Endless Loop Edition (2) and the Drone Music of Phill Niblock" (2004)

Greg Hainge, Ph.D.

The University of Queensland (Australia)

Reader in French
Associate Professor
School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies
(faculty page)

"8 Track Rhapsody" (2007)

Gary Genosko, Ph.D.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada)

Professor of Communication
Faculty of
Social Science and Humanities
(faculty page)

"Sound, Sociality, and Music: Challenges to the Aesthetic Vision" (1994)

"A Somatic, 'Here and Now' Semantic: Music, Body, and Self" (2000)

"Thoughts on Shaping Talent and Identity," with Lee Bartel, Ph.D., Joyce Bellous, Ph.D., and Ken Peglar (2000)

"Why Do Humans Value Music?" (2002)

"Symposium: Music's Significance in Everyday Life" (2002)

Wayne Bowman, Ed.D.

Brandon University

Professor of Music and Music Education
 (faculty page)

"Can a Musical Work Be Created?" (2004)

 "Defending Musical Perdurantism" (2006)

 "Defending 'Defending Musical  Perdurantism'" (2008)

"Ontology of Music" (2011)

"Ontology" (2011)

Ben Caplan, Ph.D.

University of Kansas

Professor of Philosophy
(personal page)


Carl Matheson, Ph.D.

University of Manitoba (Canada)

Professor and Department Head
Department of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Music as Ethical Encounter" (2003)

"The Body in a State of Music," with Kimberly Powell, Ph.D. (2007)

"The Song is You: Symposium on Musical Identity" (2004)

"Musical Experience as Aesthetic: What Cost the Label?" (2006)

"Music, Beauty, and Privileged Pleasures: Situating Fine Art and 'Aesthetic' Experience" (2006)

Wayne Bowman, Ed.D.

Brandon University

Professor of Muisc and Music Education
 (faculty page)

“Wittgenstein and Haydn on Understanding Music” (2006)

Yael Kaduri, Ph.D.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (Israel)

History and Theory Unit

"The Philosophy of Music" (2007/2012)

Andrew Kania, Ph.D.

Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas)

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)

"Pulse Demons" (2007)

Eugene Thacker, Ph.D.

The New School (New York, NY)

Professor of Media Studies
(faculty page)

"Musical Presence: Towards a New Philosophy of Music" (2010)

Charles Ford, D.Phil.

University of  West London (United Kingdom)

Department of Music

"The Hallucinatory Life of Tape" (2007)

Paul Hegarty, Ph.D.

University College Cork (Ireland)

Professor of French and Francophone Studies

 Head of Department of French
(faculty page)

"Musical Improvisation as Action: An Arendtian Perspective" (2007)

Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos, Ph.D.

University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece)

Associate Professor of Music Education
Department of Early Childhood Education

"Music and Water" (2003)

 Zdenka Kalnická, Ph.D., CSc.

University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Professor and Head of Department
Department of Philosophy
(faculty page)


"Listening to Music Together" (2012)

"Music, Essential Metaphor, and Private Language" (2011)

 "Scruton's Musical Experiences" (2010)

"Appropriate Musical Metaphors" (2009)

"Music and Mysticism" (2008)

"Music, Metaphor, and Emotion" (2007)

"Against Emotion: Hanslick was Right about Music" (2004)

Nick Zangwill, Ph.D.

University College London

Department of Philosophy
(personal page)

"Music, Mind, and the Serious Zappa: The Passions of a Virtual Listener" (1999/2009)

"Music and the Ideological Body: The Aesthetic Impact of Affect in Listening" (2000)

Ulrik Volgsten, Ph.D.

Örebro University (Sweden)

Professor of Musicology
Researcher, Musical Expression and Experience (MOVE)
School of Music, Theatre and Art




“Virgil Thomson’s Philosophy of Music” (2006)

Jeffrey Hinzmann

University of South Florida

Department of Philosophy




"Even when I’m bragging, I’m Being Sincere: Kanye West’s African American Parrhesiate Ethos & Burkean Tragi-Comic Identification (Unmastered version)" (2012)

Antoine Hardy

Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY (NYC) 

Assistant Professor of Communications 



“Beautiful Noise” (2006)

Will Swanson

Lancaster University (United Kingdom)




"'It is Musical?': Nietzschean Aesthetics" (2008)

José A. Haro - Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY (NYC) 

Associate Professor of Philosophy




"Beyond Representation and Signification: Toward a Sonic Materialism" (2011)

"Installing Duration: Time in the Sound Works of Max Neuhaus" (2009)

"Sound Art and the Sonic Unconscious" (2009)

"From Music to Sound: Being as Time in the Sonic Arts" (2006)

"Nietzsche, Dionysus, and the Ontology of Music" (2005)

"How Do You Make Music a Body without Organs?: Gilles Deleuze and Experimental Electronica" (2003)

Christoph Cox, Ph.D.

Hampshire College (Massachusetts)

Professor of Philosophy
(faculty page)


"Music: The Harbinger of Death" (2008)

 B. W. Dunst

 Westmoreland County CC PA

Assistant Professor of Philosophy



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