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Dustin B. Garlitz

Connected World Internet Ventures,  PO Box 2001, Hawthorne, FL 32640

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Let's Get Philosophical

Areas of Specialization and Research:

Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Music

Philosophy of Music -

www.PhilosophyofMusic.org Approaches to Philosophy of Music - Continental, Analytic, Historical, Literary, and Multicultural

www.PhilosophyofMusic.com Philosophy of Music, Cultural Studies of Music, Aesthetics of Music, Metaphysics of Music

www.ThePhilosophyofMusic.org The Philosophy of Music, The Metaphysics of Music, Musical Ontology, The Philosophy of Popular Music, The Aesthetics of Music, Musical Aesthetics, The Aesthetics of Popular Music, Musical Philosophy 

Music and Philosophy -

www.Music-Philosophy.com Music Philosophy, Philosophy of Music, Music and Philosophy, Musicological Philosophy, Musicology and Philosophy, Music as Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Music 

The Philosophy of Jazz -

www.ThePhilosophyofJazz.com The Philosophy of Jazz, Jazz and The Philosophy of Culture, Jazz and The Philosophy of Popular Culture, Jazz and Philosophy  

www.ThePhilosophyofJazz.org The Philosophy of Jazz and Popular Culture; Popular Culture, Jazz, and Philosophy

www.PhilosophyofJazz.com Philosophy of Jazz, Cultural Studies of Jazz; Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Foundations of Jazz.

www.PhilosophyofJazz.org Philosophy of Jazz and Culture, Philosophy of Jazz in Culture, Philosophy of Jazz Culture, Jazz Aesthetics, Aesthetics of Jazz and Popular Music

Philosophy of Culture -

www.PhilosophyofCulture.org Continental Approaches to Philosophy of Culture, Cultural Theory, Cultural Studies, Cultural Criticism, and Popular Culture

www.PhilosophyofCulture.com Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy and Popular Culture, Philosophy of Popular Culture, Music, Movies, Film, Media, Television, Art

www.ThePhilosophyofCulture.com The Philosophy of Culture, Popular Culture and Philosophy, The Philosophy of Popular Culture

www.ThePhilosophyofCulture.org Philosophy and Popular Culture, Pop Culture and Philosophy, Cultural Criticism and Philosophy

Continental Social Philosophy -

www.ContinentalSocialPhilosophy.org Continental Social Philosophy, Social Theory, Social Thought, and Philosophy of Social Science - 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries   

www.ContinentalSocialPhilosophy.com Continental Social and Political Philosophy, Continental Social Theory, Continental Social Thought, Continental Philosophy of Social Science, Continental Philosophy of the Social Sciences, History and Philosophy of Continental Social Science - Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Centuries  

Web Jazz Related Projects

-current and under development.  Contact me at dustin@cwiv.com if you would like to lease or develop these domains.

Jazz Talent - a destination for record deals.  Showcase your talent and get your band signed!

www.JazzAble.com Jazz-Able - a destination for jazz bookings and gigs

www.JazzFuture.com Jazz Future - a source for jazz yet to come

www.JazzFuture.org Future Jazz - the future of jazz, the future for jazz

www.JazzGalaxy.com Jazz Galaxy - a galactic local for jazz destinations

www.SmokinJazz.com and www.SmokingJazz.com Smoking Jazz and Smokin' Jazz - a source for hot jazz 

www.JazzSucks.com Jazz Sucks - a source for contemporary music sites - Jazz symbiotic but radical in theme - counterculture

www.PartyinTheUSA.com Party and Vacation in the USA birthplace of jazz

www.PartyinEurope.com Party and Vacation in Europe and attend countless jazz festivals, including the Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival in France and the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands

www.PartyinNewOrleans.com Party and Vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana, birthplace of jazz music and jazz culture, and attend the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

www.PartyinNewYork.com Party and Vacation in New York City, jazz capital of the world, and attend George Wein's New York Jazz Festival, the Vision Festival in Downtown Manhattan, while also attending gigs at the Birdland Jazz Club, The Iridium, The Jazz Standard, and Jazz at Lincoln Center

www.PartyinTheVillage.com Party and Vacation in Greenwich Village among the many jazz venues in the NYU vicinity during the Undead Jazz Festival and Winter Jazzfest, while also attending gigs at the historic Village Vanguard and the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club

www.PartyinSanFran.com Party and Vacation in San Francisco, California home to the San Fran Jazz Festival and kissing cousin to the Monterey Jazz Festival

www.PartyinChicago.com Party and Vacation in Chicago, Illinois, listen to jazz and blues, and attend the Chicago Jazz Festival as well as the Umbrella Music Festival

www.PartyinSavannah.com Party and Vacation in Savannah, Georgia and listen to the jazz of the South during the Savannah Jazz Festival

www.PartyinHotlanta.com and www.PartyinBuckhead.com Party and Vacation in Atlanta and Buckhead, Georgia during the Atlanta Jazz Festival

www.PartyinJax.com Party and Vacation in Jacksonville, Florida during the Jacksonville Jazz Festival

www.PartyinGainesville.com Party and Vacation in Gainesville, Florida and attend the concerts organized by the Gainesville Friends of Jazz near the University of Florida, including the Gainesville Jazz Festival  

www.PartyinTampa.com Party and Vacation in Tampa Bay, Florida during the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, the Ybor Jazz Festival, the Sarasota Jazz Festival, and also attend EMIT Series concerts in St. Petersburg at the Dali Museum

www.PartyinSouthFlorida.com and www.PartyinSouthBeach.com Party and Vacation in South Florida and South Beach in Miami during the Jazz in the Gardens Festival and attend South Florida Jazz concerts

www.PartyinPanamaCity.com Party and Vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida and attend the Seabreeze Jazz Festival

www.PartyinDenver.com Party and Vacation in Denver, Colorado during the 5 Points Jazz Festival

www.PartyinPhilly.com Party and Vacation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival

www.PartyinSeattle.com Party and Vacation in Seattle, Washington during the Ear Shot Jazz Festival

www.PartyinLosAngeles.com Party and Vacation in Los Angeles, California during the Playboy Jazz Festival

www.PartyinNewport.com Party and Vacation in Newport, Rhode Island during the Newport Jazz Festival and Newport Folk Festival

www.PartyinMontreal.com Party and Vacation in Montreal, Canada during the Montreal Jazz Festival

www.PartyinVancouver.com Party and Vacation in Vancouver, Canada during the Vancouver International Jazz Festival

www.PartyinBarcelona.com Party and Vacation in Barcelona, Spain during the Barcelona Jazz Festival

www.PartyinMadrid.com Party and Vacation in Madrid, Spain during the Madrid Jazz Festival

www.PartyinRome.com Party and Vacation in Rome, Italy during the Rome Jazz Festival and also attend the Umbria Jazz and Sienna Summer Jazz Festivals while in the country, not to mention the Giotto Jazz Festival in Florence

www.PartyinMarseille.com Party and Vacation in Marseille, France during the Five Continents Jazz Festival

www.PartyinDublin.com Party and Vacation in Dublin, Ireland during the Bray Jazz Festival and 12 Points Jazz Festival

www.PartyinTelAviv.com and www.PartyinIsrael.com Party and Vacation in Tel Aviv, Israel during the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival and Red Sea Jazz Festival

www.PartyinSeoul.com Party and Vacation in Seoul, South Korea during the Seoul Jazz Festival

www.PartyinReykjavik.com Party and Vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland during the Reykjavik Jazz Festival

www.PartyonCarnival.com and www.PartyinFtLauderdale.com Party and Vacation on Carnival Cruises and attend Jazz Cruises, including the Capital Jazz SuperCruise, as well as the Annual Jazz Party at Sea with JAZZIZ, departing from the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

www.LadyInertia.com Sources for electronic music sites

www.ConnectedWorldMusic.com & www.ConnectedWorldJazz.com We are connected worldwide and share a love for music and jazz

Educational Experience:

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), 1987-1999

The New School - New School University (New York, NY), 1999-2003
Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
B.A., Liberal Arts (Social Inquiry: Economics), 2003

University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), 2005-present

M.L.A., Liberal Arts (Social and Political Thought), 2007

Ph.D. student in Philosophy, 2007-present

Teaching Experience:

Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy, Broward College (Fort Lauderdale, FL), 2008

Editorial Experience:

Editorial Assistant, Agora Inc., 2003

Founding Publisher and Editor, www.JazzTalent.com, 2004-present

Founding Publisher and Editor, www.PhilosophyofMusic.org, January 2008-present

Founding Publisher and Editor, www.PhilosophyofCulture.org, January 2012-present

Article Editor, Critical Contemporary Culture (Department of Sociology, London School of Economics, UK), February 2012-present

Online Papers on Philosophy of Culture and Philosophy of Music:

"Contemporary Contributions to the Sociology and Philosophy of Culture," (2005) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"The Frankfurt School's Neo-Marxian Critiques of Capitalism and Consumer Culture," (2005) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"An Overview of Jean Baudrillard and Pierre Bourdieu's Contributions to Critical and Cultural Theory," (2006) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"A Reflection on the Dionysian Spirit of Music in Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy," (2006) www.PhilosophyofMusic.org and www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"Philosophy of New Jazz: Reconstructing Adorno," (2007) www.PhilosophyofMusic.org and www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"Spatial Aesthetics of Contemporary Music and Urban Culture," (2009) www.PhilosophyofMusic.org and www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"Frankfurt School contra Heidegger: Adorno's Cultural Critique of the Ideology of German Existentialism in The Jargon of Authenticity," (2010) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"Towards 'the perfection of all culture': Reflections on the 'B-Deduction' in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason," (2010) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

"Durkheim's French Neo-Kantian Social Thought: Epistemology, Sociology of Knowledge, and Morality in The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life," (2010) www.PhilosophyofCulture.org

Selected Online Essays on Jazz:

"Contemporary Social Theory and the Linguistic Approach to Jazz," (2004) www.JazzTalent.com

"Capitalism and Jazz," (2004) www.JazzTalent.com

"Charles Mingus and Censorship," (2004) www.JazzTalent.com

"The Cultural Implications of Globalization," (2004) www.JazzTalent.com

Selected Recent Jazz Reviews:

Welcome to Hungary! The Tommy Vig Orchestra featuring David Murray (2011) www.JazzNoise.eu review (Europe - Hungary) Amazon.com Review

City Life - The Dangling Success (2010)

Professional Experience:

Connected World Internet Ventures, Inc.
Present Position: Vice-President and Head of Entertainment

Previous Positions: Head of Entertainment (2003-2004)

New York Consultant (2001-2003)

Artistic Experience:

            Dustin Garlitz Quartet: Spirits Within, 2004 (Connected World Music)

            Dustin Garlitz, Mike Pride, et al.: Two Trains, Fast and Slow, 2000 (Novel Design Co.)

  • Band Member:

           S.M.I.L.E. (2000-2002) with Daniel Carter and Mike Pride

           Digital Amoeba Collaborative (2000-2002) with Stephen Digges, Parsons The New School for Design

Professional Affiliations:

Jazz Journalists Association (Voting Member) - Gainesville Friends of Jazz - American Philosophical Association (Associate Member) - Civic Media Center - Florida Philosophical Association (Associate Membership pending) - Critical Contemporary Culture (Article Editor and Peer-Reviewer) - University of South Florida Philosophy Graduate Student Organization, University of South Florida Society for Classical Pragmatism Studies (2007-2008)

Live Performances (in part):


Dustin Garlitz Quintet with Special Guests
The Knitting Factory - New York City
April 22, 2002 

William Hooker Black Mask Record Release Party
A Special Two Night Event
The Knitting Factory - New York City
April 20 and 21, 2002

Dustin Garlitz Quartet with Special Guest
The Knitting Factory - New York City
March 24, 2002

New York Univeristy - Tisch School of the Arts
September 11th Memorial Concert
New York, New York
December 9, 2001

Sixth Annual Vision Festival
The Knitting Factory Main Stage
with Trevor Dunn, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, and Mike Pride
June 1, 2001

The Knitting Factory, NYC
KnitActive Sound Stage
Appearing with S.M.I.L.E. (Daniel Carter and Mike Pride)
August 18, 2001

dustinknitting0801.jpg (512039 bytes)

Cecil Taylor MasterClass Ensemble
at the Turtle Bay Music School
Feb 24, 2001

Angel, NYC
Dustin Garlitz Trio
As appeared in Daily News April 21, 2001
(click for full view)

angel.gif (391553 bytes)

The Pink Pony, NYC
Trio - Dustin Garlitz, Jaime Fennelly and Mike Pride
August 18, 2000

The Knitting Factory, NYC
KnitActive Sound Stage with Mike Pride
August 2, 2000

knittingticket.jpg (31765 bytes)

A Gathering of the Tribes Benefit
with Patrick Kosiewicz, The Digital Amoeba Collaborative,
Stephen Digges (Parsons The School for Design), Joao Ribas (MIT List Visual Arts Center)
Angel, NYC
April 12, 2000

The Cooler, NYC
Charles Gayle Trio with Dustin Garlitz
April 10, 2000

One Step Down, Washington, DC
with Mike Pride
April 30, 2000

slowtrain.jpg (40082 bytes)

George Washington University, Washington, DC
with Mike Pride
April 27, 2000

collaborate.gif (433778 bytes)

Trio with special guest Steve Dalachinsky
Downtown Music Gallery, New York City
December 5, 1999

What they said:

Knitting Factory (2001), www.knittingfactory.com

Show: Ademaj / Carter / Garlitz / Hamilton / Pride
Sentiment and exploration. Voices reaching into hope and memory, reaching across to each other,
inventing a shared language, dancing from advanced complexity to
delicate simplicity to unbridled cataclysm.
Improvising to free the body and mind,
thru toe-tappin', headbangin', rumpshakin' and dreams...

Knitting Factory (2000), Review by Steve Dalachinsky

show: Dustin Garlitz, Jaime Fennelly, Dave Reaboi, Mike Pride

ice to fire > calm water to gushing falls/ warm to outrageously hot/ soft so(u)los of the individual voice
to collective madness/ monologues
within dialogues > RANTS/ the outer limits to the inside groove
& back toward inner space/ Quartet showing a mature explosive restraint
(to not hold back)/
while steeped within the learning process/ the 2 bass hit & halting saxophonal colliding-scope/
drum at heart -rudiments thru sediment/ of music without sentiment meant to heal & teach/
new comers with new promise/ their Ears tuned in to the present & past/ their Eyes glued on the Future

Dustin Garlitz - tenor sax; Jaime Fennelly - contrabass;
Dave Reaboi - contrabass; Mike Pride - percussion, toys

CV updated 03.16.2012